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President's Message - Nov 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016  

Wow, that was fast.

Another year has gone by. I remember when I was a youngster and the school year would last forever…not such a good thing. The summer vacation time also seemed to go on forever, which was a good thing.

Not anymore. “It will be Christmas before you know it.”

I’m looking at a copy of the past board meeting minutes in Las Vegas, and there has been much accomplished, which is always the case.

We have established a commercial cars for sale heading on our website, overseen by Vince Taliano. The 1959–1960 owners now have their own Chapter; hopefully, next will be the Authenticity Manual to help in the restoration process. Contact Bill Anderson to help by being a contributor.

In Sweden, a thing of joy, the Affiliates have achieved full status: congratulations. There is an official obit policy that states the requirements to all National members. This policy also states to all Regional members whose contributions have been in their Regions that their obit will be featured in their Regional-level communications, such as newsletters, etc.

We are always considering and reviewing technology, as in operational programs for the benefit of all members. The ongoing revision to the judging process is, as they say, “ongoing.”

Should you be in Michigan, do visit the CLCMRC Museum and see the new displays, particularly the Wall of Fame as managed by Gary Fisher and his committee. Also, the five RVPs, the Chapter liaison and the International VP are your conduits from the National to all Regions, Chapters and Affiliates. They are there to help you succeed, as witnessed by their reports. Keep in mind, there is always room for improvement by all of us. Moving on.


I’m flipping through past issues of The Self-Starter and see that the magazine has again won gold, that being the 12th Golden Quill Award: that’s work! These are the reasons why: Trip to the Broadmoor Hotel and their Cadillacs. The 1958 Raindrop Cadillac, and a trip to the Grand European. Featured the XLR 2004–2009 and station wagons. Profile of Chaplain Phil Compton, keeping the faith, and 1941 Cads.

Our friend Ron VanGelderen and his impact on all of us. Singer Jim Reeves’ 1960 Cadillac Seville. Dan Ammann, president of GM, and his 1961 convertible, just love that car. Wedding time and an Argentinian “Woody,” not Woody Rohrbach. The Las Vegas GN, what else can I say?

The magazine featured the 1966 Cadillac’s 50th Anniversary, I like it. More Woodys, see note above, and going way out of town to visit the Wangaratta 2016 Meet in Australia. Another 1961, this time an Eldorado Biarritz, a unique show car. GM should have built this Eldorado…it’s distinctive. This is just the short list of articles and features, etc.

I personally enjoy our Golden Quill Award-winning publication, The Self-Starter, so tell Steve Stewart, Maggi Stewart and Tim Coy a job extremely well done!


Special invitation…I’ll be on my way to the Peach State Region to attend their annual Christmas Banquet, to be held Dec. 10, at the Atlanta Country Club. Can you believe this—a member of their Region is paying my roundtrip airfare, and I will be staying with friends during my three-day visit. Wow, keep that in mind if you would like to be my new best friend. I love this Club!

See you in America.


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