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Tuesday, November 1, 2016  

Steve Stewart >> Caddie Shack

CLC pubs

As of this writing, we’ve just completed and proofed the 2017 CLC International Membership Directory…

Seen in the streets

Photo by Bill Wolf

This photo was taken at Red Bank, N.J.,…

CLCMRC has good days on Detroit auction block

By Paul Ayres

The 1941 Cadillac 6267D Convertible Coupe owned by members Lee and Floy Barthel sold for $60,000 at the Sept. 3 Leake Motor City Auction in Detroit…

Re-creating a timeless art form…


By Greg Wallace

Ever since Los Angeles businessman Earle C. Anthony reportedly first introduced the use of “liquid fire” for his “Packard” sign sitting atop a downtown hotel in 1923,


(The Senior Citizen Cadillac)

By Dr. Richard Ziemer

When people see my car, they ask me all kinds of questions: “Is that a Packard?”

Allanté-XLR Invitiational

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Hosted by the Allanté-XLR Chapter of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club

By Terry Bressler

What started as a weekend gathering five years ago grew this past August into one of the best meets anyone could ask for…

1970s Cadillac Pickup Roundup

By David Rubin and Nick D’Andrea

Before the brawny Cadillac Escalade EXT made its debut for the 2002 model year, it was preceded in the 1970s by a wave of custom-made Cadillac pickups…

John Washburn >> Washburn’s Wisdom

Odds and ends

2016 is fast drawing to a close and this is the last Washburn’s Wisdom for 2016…

Lars Kneller >> Museum Corner

VIP license to drive

How would you like to take a 1937 LaSalle Convertible Sedan for a spin?…

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