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"The Self-Starter" Teasers - March 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017  

Steve Stewart >> Caddie Shack


1908 was the last column titled with a year…

2017 CLC Grand European:

Copenhagen, Denmark

By Ron Zahn and the team for the 2017 Copenhagen GE

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club’s Grand European meet will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from Aug. 23–27…

50th Anniversary

1967 Cadillac Quick Facts

By Bob Crimmins

Cadillac had some catchy phrases, such as “Cadillac Shows the World How Truly Magnificent a Motor Car Can Be”…

One of our own

By Dave Rubin and Steve Stewart

Longtime Cadillac & LaSalle Club member Wayne Kady was a designer for General Motors from 1961 into the 1990s…

’67 Facts

World events

Biafra secedes from Nigeria…

William C. "Bill”Anderson, P.E. >> From the Chief Judge

1967 Cadillacs

What to look for when judging one

The side panels were revised, but much of the prior years’ features and equipment continued.

Tim Pawl >> Tales from the Vault

The Book-Cadillac Hotel

“When You Need a Good Night”

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club Museum & Research Center often gets inquiries asking to help identify items that bear the Cadillac crest or coat of arms…

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