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Are you ready? New CLC judging procedures

Wednesday, March 22, 2017  
More than two years ago, the CLC launched an effort to improve the quality and fairness in its judging program. The Judging Committee has completed the necessary development work. The resulting new procedures are ready for their first rollout at the 2017 Grand National. They ensure that each car—a daily driver or a professional restoration—is judged on its own merits and not by comparison to other entries.

Will you be ready? In the 1960s, Roger Penske began an enviable 50-year record of success in most every venue of automobile racing. The key to his success was and is to read, understand and apply the rules of each form of racing to the cars he entered. This approach is worthy of copying if you want to succeed in CLC judging.

The 2017 edition of the CLC Judging Manual is posted on the CLC website for anyone to download. Print copies can also be ordered for $30. The manual explains the new procedures, the entrant’s responsibilities, provides samples of the new judging forms and explains how points will be deducted for components that do not meet the CLC judging standard. That standard—that condition, appearance and equipment as the car was originally delivered to the first owner considering authenticity, condition, operability and cleanliness of all components—has not changed since CLC judging began. Every car that achieves the points required for a particular award will receive that award, regardless of the number of cars achieving the prerequisite points.

This year, cars up to 2007 may be entered in the appropriate Touring Division class. Cars eligible for Primary Division judging remain those built in 1999 and before. A Specialty & Unique Division has been created to ensure that the authenticity of special Cadillacs is properly judged. For the first time, modified Cadillacs or LaSalles or Cadillac-powered cars will also be judged. A complete listing of all classes in each Division is available as a separate document on the CLC website. The new Divisions and Classes ensure that any CLC member with a Cadillac or LaSalle can enter the car for judging if they wish and that it will be judged on its own merits, whether it is a basic sedan or a red convertible.

The Senior Division has been scrapped, but the Senior awards have not. New trophies have been created for cars that approach or achieve full compliance with the judging standard. Any car that has already won a Senior award or Wreath or Crown will retain that award and remain listed in the CLC International Membership Directory, but will compete with other Primary Division cars for one of these new awards.

The 2017 GN is shaping up to be one of the largest ever, with more than 400 cars on the field and upwards of 300 to be judged. It is hoped that the requisite number of judges will volunteer. Each team will be limited to eight cars. If there are not sufficient judges, some cars may not be judged, but will be displayed. Cars eliminated from judging will be determined by the date of entry.

Judging Workshops, daylong instruction in CLC judging procedures, are offered to provide in-depth familiarization with proper judging. While intended for those who want to judge, they are also invaluable to those preparing cars for competition. Four have already been held, and one will be held April 29 in the Washington, D.C., area. If you can’t attend a workshop, a new half-hour-long video provides an excellent overview of the procedures and is available for purchase on the CLC website.

Anyone with questions about the judging procedures or entry is encouraged to write or call me—email or (443) 994-5455.


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