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The Self-Starter Teasers - June 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017  

Steve Stewart >> Caddie Shack

An auction in Houston

A century ago, towns and villages came alive when the circus arrived…

Letters to the editor

Hi, Steve:

Just got my May The Self-Starter and read the letter from Pete Jakstas regarding four-door convertibles…

News for Driving Tour enthusiasts

By Stephen Page

At the March 4 meeting in Albuquerque, N.M., your board decided to increase the rewards for your driving tour participation…


By Yann Saunders

The La Salle II roadster is one of three show cars designed by Harley Earl and shown during the 1955 General Motors itinerant “Motorama”…

Two Weddings for a Cadillac Queen

By Lauren Schweitzer

As Jon and I began to put our guest list together, it became clear that half of the people on the list lived in Nevada, and the other half in Wisconsin…

The perfect wedding gift

By Phil Esser

Kristopher and Eryka Lowe were married on Thanksgiving Day 2016 in Southbury, Conn.

An old Cadillac and a newly-married couple…or vice versa

By Yann Saunders

These photos were taken in Geneva, Switzerland, this past fall…

1940 LaSalle

Perfect car for a wedding

By William and Melanie Porter

A true definition of class would be the exquisite 1940 LaSalle…

Tech Tips

How is your polarity?

By Bob Schuman

Is the polarity of the ignition system in your Cadillac or LaSalle correct?

John Washburn >> Washburn’s Wisdom

He’s a real spark plug

Once again, I’m trying to make sense of a comment made by fellow CLC member Brad Ipsen, who is very knowledgeable about vintage Cadillacs…

Paul Ayres >> Museum Corner

A real self-starter

This, the Cadillac & LaSalle Club’s periodic publication, is named The Self-Starter

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