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GN Chair's Message - Ronnie Hux

Monday, June 26, 2017  

Cadillacs and my life

I was born in a small Southern town in Mississippi by the Louisiana state line. When I was an early teen, a friend of mine inherited his father’s Pontiac/Cadillac dealership. Hanging out there after school, he would let me borrow Cadillacs for special dates and occasions.

My passion started at this early age. In February 1969, I was employed as a bookkeeper for a very large used car dealer, which had three large lots and specialized in one- and two-year-old luxury cars, mostly Cadillacs. Within a couple of years, I was general manager and purchasing the inventory. He later acquired a Rambler/Jeep/International Harvester dealership, and my duties were expanded to running this as well.

In the late 1970s, I moved into the truck industry, was general manager of a GMC/White/Autocar/Western-Star dealership and developed a sales team to cover the entire southern United States.

In 1982, I became the general manager/partner/dealer of a large Cadillac/Pontiac/Buick/GMC dealership. During this time, I served on many dealer councils, dealer advisory boards and civic organizations as well. We received many acknowledgements for sales and customer satisfaction. In 1989, we sold the business and dissolved the partnership.

I then began my career as general manager of several of the largest-volume retail Cadillac dealers in the U.S. My association with these large dealers helped me become acquainted with Cadillac’s management team, and my passion for the marque continued.

I have personally owned so many Cadillacs that I cannot count and have had the wonderful opportunity to drive hundreds or more as personal demonstrators.

Retired at the end of 2009 from my career, I spent the next couple of years buying and selling original classic automobiles, mostly Cadillacs, in just about every state in the U.S. and many overseas countries as well.

I have been a member of the CLC since 2006. I have been director of the Valley Forge Region for six years, serve as our Region’s chief judge and am a member of many of the East Coast Regions.

When I conceived the idea of the Valley Forge Region and the Potomac Region to jointly host a Grand National, I approached Vince Taliano, director of the Potomac Region, and suggested that we consider this venture. Contact was then made with the CLC and preparation began. I am very proud to say that we are planning one of the largest GNs ever and are excited that so many members are planning on attending.


Our nation’s capital has so much to experience, and we are offering the opportunity for everyone to see as much as possible. Our host hotel is the world headquarters for the Hilton Corp. and is exceptional. The staff and accommodations are fantastic, and everyone will be very well pleased with their stay.

Volunteers from both Regions have worked hard to provide everyone with much to do and have an enjoyable time.


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