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President's Message - Aug 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017   (0 Comments)

How it all works

I have been at this for 30 years or so, since 1988, and think I have finally figured out how it all works. They say the only thing constant is change. This is more about all of us evolving to function to the best of all our abilities.

Every two years, we elect our National board members, 2018 is next, to serve a two-year term. The official ballot is prepared by the Nominating Committee and sent to the general membership via the self-starter. The full member has the ability to vote and choose those directors. That ballot may have 25 qualified candidates, but alas, only 20 can be elected. Additional board members from Regions that did not have a representative elected may appoint someone, at the Region's direction, to serve.

The primary function of the National board of directors, elected or appointed, is to establish policy, known as “governance” of the Club. The responsibility of the Executive Committee, president, executive VP, secretary and treasurer, is to carry out the directives of the board and its policy, referred to as “management” of the Club. That is the day-to-day operation, which impacts the general well-being of all members worldwide.

The process of this management goes directly to the five Regional VPs, as they are the conduit from the Executive Committee and the National directors to the Regions. That involvement and sharing of information with the various Regions helps those groups grow and prosper.
Chairpersons are appointed National members, and, with their committee members, make things happen. Look at the Meets and Tours Committee.Its involvement is to produce Grand Nationals and Driving Tours that may have a lead/setup time of three years in advance. Now, that is dedication. Other committees include Publications, which oversees the self-starter; and the IT Committee, which manages the website and monitors the Forum. IT is a VP position that controls all the technical communications…see above.

Awards Committee decisions provide the GN bling and other National honors. The Newsletter Excellence Awards Program focuses on excellence in communication by the Regions. All technical service people whose insight on how and why appears in the self-starter, on our website and beloved Forum. This is closely connected to the Judging Committee, which, year after year at the GN, does an amazing job sorting through all those used cars.

I go on, the Hershey Tent event each year, the Cadillac liaison connection, worldwide connections through the VP of International Affiliates. The chair of Membership Promotion and Public Relations has responsibility for growth and information, also our Club Store merchandise. Consider the ongoing commitment to keep all documentation of the Club, such as the policy and Meets and Tours manuals up to date. Let’s not forget the Chapters, those special interest groups; somewhat like Regions, but user-specific.

How about the Regions? When I joined the CLC in 1988, there were 30 Regions. Today, there are 47 Regions across the nation. I know this sounds self-serving as a former Regional VP, but back then there were only three RVPs—now there are five who do that job. Believe me, it is a job that requires bringing your “A” game, and being the Region’s best friend by providing encouragement and direction through any issue that may arise. This is a win-win for both the National and Regions.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, because I will hear about it. So, if you think this could be done by a chimp wearing a watch, think again. These are hard-working, committed, involved members who volunteer their time to make it all work. This is not a Big Bang Theory; this is the Big Bang reality of what you get for your dues.

Now you understand “How it all works.” Get involved; the door is open for your opportunity.



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