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President's Message Sep 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017   (0 Comments)

To buy or not, a sales concern

One function of the Club is that we sell advertising space to commercial vendors for money and post those ads in the self-starter. It takes money to operate our Club. We also accept ads from our membership and post those ads also in the self-starter. We do not wish to be an arbitrator for any sales either from commercial vendors or members’ ads that may have gone bad.

The sales concern, usually a bad experience, seems to end up here on my desk as an email or a phone call from a dissatisfied member. What to do? A long time ago, I became acquainted with the term, “Buyer Beware.” I’m talking about the purchase of a needed part or piece for the car. This sales concern may develop as a needed part that was not delivered as promised or a part that is not how it was described by the seller, a great disappointment. Typical question is, “What can you do for me?”

Now, what to do, or, better yet, what could have been done to possibly avoid this situation? I remember one time at a board meeting there was a proposal that we should have an oversight committee to monitor all sales to our membership by any advertisers. Can you imagine what a nightmare that would have become?

Here is my suggestion; let’s just use common sense and the assistance of our members. Let’s say I want to buy a hood ornament for a 1953 Cadillac, and the seller is in Pittsburgh. I have friends in Pittsburgh that l can call, say Lee Herbermann. Another option is to call that local Region or look through the Membership Directory for an individual in the area whose help you might engage, free or fee. I have done this before, and it saved me about, well, a lot of money.

During your discussion with the seller, have them email a detailed photo(s) of the item and request in writing the ability to return the part within 30 days for a complete refund if you are not satisfied. Keep all of that paperwork together for any future issues and forward a copy to your contact, say Lee Herbermann. Now, your contact is armed with all the pertinent information to go see the part; based on his report, this should help you make a decision to buy or not to buy the part.

If it’s buy, then forward the monies and have your contact take possession and ship it to you via UPS. UPS will pack and ship. Contact them for any limitations, then you will need to reimburse your contact the shipping costs.

We all like to think of each other as good people, honorable, do-the-right-thing people. I would again refer you to the above warning, “Buyer Beware.” This is simply business, and it really is your responsibility to do the right thing for your own peace of mind. Remember, stuff happens.


I’m sorry to announce that the January 2018 Arizona Concours d’Elegance at the Biltmore Resort will not be held. The Concours committee made the decision to cancel this and any future events due to financial reasons. It takes money to operate the Concours.

The four years that I attended this world-class event, I saw unbelievable pieces of rolling sculpture, met famous car people, and generally had a terrific time. But, alas, no more. I had hoped 2018 would be a shining moment for the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, since the featured marques at this event were to be 1930–1940 V-12 and V-16 Cadillac cars.

To all of you who were planning to enter or attend, sorry, stuff happens. Maybe Pebble Beach?

See you later.


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