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President's Message - Feb 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018  
Posted by: Peter Gariepy

Adopt, adapt, ahead.

This being a new year, 2018, there is a saying, “The only thing constant is change.”

We, the people who operate your Club responsibly, strive to ensure that we do all that we can to provide for the future of your Club, for all of us.

I, as a member just like you, find myself from time to time concerned as to how and what to do to find the best possible way to accomplish that goal. Remember, it’s my dues, also.

I do know that we are a diverse group with varied abilities that binds all of us for the common good. I also know that the demographics of who we are changes daily. That has been a topic at the board since 1991, needs and aging of all of us. We will never, never, turn our backs on any member who has sustained our organization. We still must keep in mind what’s new for us.

The implementation of the Your Membership program, which your board approved, is an ongoing process. The focus of this program is to combine all current and future functions, businesswise, of your Club into a cohesive operation that will be implemented by both the Office managers and the webmaster as team members. This process will always be part of their duties and responsibilities to all the members. This, to say the least, has been a difficult task, but a worthy ambition.

Here is an example: You most probably have in your hand what we now refer to as a cell phone. Let’s just think of that cell phone as being a tool. To operate that tool, you need to have instructions, better known as the program. Knowing that informational program, you can now operate that tool. That is the same approach and process to operate any other tool you have in the garage, safely and successfully. This being the technological challenge we face, capable vs. confused, we will overcome for all our benefit.

The development of the new Grand National protocol also is an ongoing process driven by the need to provide all of us with an opportunity and an event to showcase our ability and pride. The CLC board of directors, through the National Meets and Tours Committee, is working with various disciplines from site planners, an event-dedicated treasurer, to specific event publications to produce the future Grand National events. The National’s job is the production, development and management of the facilities and events. The GN host Regions’ responsibilities will be the activities; simply, what to do.

I would add that our new involvement with Cadillac has the potential to create a great new dimension to our worldwide reputation. This could be viewed as a renaissance of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, working with Cadillac to build upon our past and moving into our future through change together.

Do understand this, this takes time and the dedication of many people to develop these new concepts, and all we ask is your understanding and your help to move successfully into the future together. This is the beginning of our 60th year, 1958–2018, and we all need to feel very proud of all we have accomplished together.

This is our future, help all of us get there!

See you there.


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