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Presidents Message - July 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018  

Well, It’s Over

I’m on my way to our Grand National event, being held in San Marcos, Texas, June 6–9. I hope to see you there; after all, it’s Texas! This is my last article as your CLC president, which really is my overview of almost 30 years of doing the work. Let’s enjoy this together.

When you assume the position of president, and you peek behind the curtain, it’s the Land of Oz. Everything can and will change in a heartbeat. One moment, all is well; the next moment, the phone starts ringing and the computer screen lights up with various emails, the good and the bad. That light at the far end of the tunnel may be a train coming at you, so be prepared.

When I began this job in 2014, I was told the most terrorizing part of it was each month there is a blank page/screen staring at you, aka, the President’s Message. There were approximately 44 issues of our award-winning publication, The Self-Starter, during my term as president.

I tried to use this forum for the best for all of our membership. I consider myself extremely fortunate in that I was able to persuade, coax and terrify certain members to submit an article regarding themselves. A meet and greet from them to you, so you now know who they are and what they do for all of us.

All that aside, it has been an amazing ride at the board level which began at my first GN, 1990, in Carson City, Nev., to this, my final document. There have been great times and other times over the past years during my service that have made memories. I have made great, new friends and lost some good, old friends.

I have traveled by plane, car and bus across these United States of America and have seen many unique, unusual and amazing events. I have traveled to Seattle, to Santa Clara, to St. Augustine, to Saratoga Springs, to San Marcos to be part of this great organization, our CLC.

I do appreciate all of those who helped me along the way. Thank you to members of the board of directors, to my Executive VP Dave Rubin and to the five Regional vice presidents.

I also wish to thank all the rest of our membership; you know who you are. I have taken your counsel, your encouragement and your solace to make it through this job. This also goes out to all the Regions, our Chapters and International Affiliates; you are the backbone of our organization, you make us who we are. Remember this, wherever you go, you have friends, Cadillac and LaSalle friends.

I really believe that we all are stewards of this ship. To protect and guide her through not only the good times, but also those troubled times. I will always look forward to a better and brighter future for our Club. I will always encourage you to become involved and help us move into the future.

I hope we all have been able to share good stuff together and had a laugh or two along this highway.

Finally, to my special proofreader, the “Lovely Cathy,” whom I love, thank you for being there.


Our future is ahead of us, not in our past.”

See you in America, hopefully.

—Dave Ritchie, past president

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