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President's Message - January 2019

Monday, December 17, 2018  

Welcome to 2019!

Wow, we made it to 2019! Aren’t our cars supposed to be flying by now? Until then, we have something even better…our Cadillacs and LaSalles!

With the new year, we welcome a new The Self-Starter editor, Jeff Shively. Jeff is an accomplished author and automotive historian. I look forward to enjoying his work as much as I have his predecessors. Welcome, Jeff!


Many of you had asked for an easier Grand National registration process. It has now arrived. For the past several Grand Nationals, we have offered onsite room reservations opportunities for the following Grand National. We have now added online Grand National registration. The details are on this issue’s outer wrap and on the CLC website. However, we have made accommodations for those of you who choose not to utilize that option. We have retained the tried-and-true method of mailing the form into the CLC Office, should you continue to choose to do so.


As we welcome the new year, we also need to welcome new opportunities to engage with others and share our Cadillac and LaSalle obsession. We need to seize the opportunities presented to us to reach out to those who share the same affinity for the marque as we do. I’d like to see if we can collectively work together to regrow our membership to 7,400 and beyond.

I know that there are many potential members out there. It always amazes me how many Cadillac and LaSalle owners don’t know we existed until we inform them. How can that be? We have almost 7,000 members worldwide and have been around for over 60 years. We’ve had a presence in cyberspace for 20 of those years. How can anyone say they don’t know about us? We’re not a secret organization, though having a secret handshake might be compelling. Seriously, let’s let other Cadillac and LaSalle owners know about our Club and the benefits of membership. You can help.

We’re seeking candidates for the Membership Promotion Committee. We need people with ideas and a willingness to work to help with both membership retention and outreach to potential new members. The outgoing committee chairs did some great work and left us with some good ideas, but we need people to help continue those activities and create new ones.


The CLC Winter Board Meeting is coming up on Feb. 2, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. If you have an issue that you think the board needs to address, let your board representative know. As you are aware, all Regions are entitled to representation at the board meeting. If there isn’t a nationally elected board member from your Region, your Region is entitled to select and send a representative to that meeting.

If your Region decides not to send a representative, your Regional vice president can share what happened at the meeting with your Regional director, who can, in turn, share this information at your Region meetings. the self-starter always prints a summary. This is your Club and we want you to participate.

Happy Motoring!



We’re seeking candidates for the Club’s VP for Information Technology. The position is for a knowledgeable IT professional willing to work with the board, many of us who only have a passing knowledge of IT issues, and the webmaster, to oversee our Internet presences. If this opportunity appeals to you, contact your Regional vice president or me and we can explore it further!

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