About the Cadillac & LaSalle Club

General Overview

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (CLC) is an international organization of almost 7,000 members with 18,000-plus collectible automobiles built by Cadillac. The Club provides activities and services for enthusiasts of all Cadillacs from the single cylinder models to the exotic V-16s. Membership is open to persons anywhere in the world and ownership of a Cadillac is not required. The CLC is headquartered in the USA with offices in Columbus, Ohio.


Who We Are

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc. (CLC) is a non-profit membership organization founded in Detroit in 1958 and incorporated in the State of Michigan. We are the largest active international organization for Cadillac enthusiasts with almost 50 domestic Regions, 18 International Affiliate clubs, and 11 Chapters that focus on special interest groups such as LaSalles, ’41 Cadillacs, Allantés, Broughams, etc. The International Affiliate clubs are located in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The CLC is not affiliated with the General Motors Corporation, but maintains a cooperative relationship with Cadillac nationally and numerous Cadillac dealers locally.


Our Purpose

We were initially founded to encourage enthusiasts to maintain, preserve, and restore collectible Cadillacs and LaSalles built from 1902–1942. Now the CLC recognizes all vehicles built by Cadillac. We promote the development, collection, publication and exchange of helpful information pertaining to our cars. We also promote social fellowship for club members.


Scope of Automobile Activity

Judging classifications include touring, original and restored models. Every factory-built engine configuration is applauded, ranging from the single-cylinder to the exotic V-16. Production models and custom-body styles alike are admired, displayed and driven.



National policy governing events and services are determined by a volunteer, elected Board of Directors. An Executive Committee is empowered to conduct business between meetings of the board. Committees are appointed by the CLC President and serve to accomplish specific assignments. Communications with the Board are accomplished through Regional Vice Presidents and members of the Board appointed to represent their region. Local regions are chartered by the national CLC and oftentimes conduct activities unique to their own area within the parameters of national policy. The CLC membership consists of individuals from all walks of life…mechanics, lawyers, entertainers, spouses, children, CPAs, retirees, Cadillac employees, real estate developers, etc. each enthused about products produced by Cadillac because of their performance, reliability, design and image.


Early History of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club

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