Classified Ads - How To


All ads must pertain to Cadillacs or LaSalles only, or parts interchangeable therewith and so noted. Ads accepted only for vehicles, parts, accessories, literature and services for sale or wanted from persons not commercially engaged full- or part-time in selling, buying or trading such. Ads for employment, trailers and real properties are unacceptable. All vehicles are identified in accordance with the Body Style charts listed in the current CLC International Membership Directory. All ads are subject to editing for historical accuracy, grammar and punctuation.

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club (CLC) reserves the right to determine which ads qualify as free member ads, which will be published at commercial rates, and to accept or decline any ads. Ads from those so engaged publish in the Commercial Section. All Cars for Sale ads must include price—this is CLC policy.

CLC members receive up to three free text-only ads of up to nine lines each per calendar year. Each line consists of approximately 40 characters (count all letters, numbers, punctuation and blank spaces between words). Each additional line or fraction thereof is $2/month. Full-color photos are $20/column inch per month. If you’d like your photo(s) returned, please send a self addressed, stamped envelope along with your ad(s) and payment.

Any ads beyond three per calendar year, members pay $2 per line. All charges must be paid in advance. Ads placed in different categories (e.g., Cars for Sale, Parts Wanted) are counted individually. Members must supply their National membership number (found in the membership directory above your name or on the outer wrap of the selfstarter). Any individual or entity advertising in the classified section shall be considered commercial after submittal of the same ads three times in a row.

$2.50 per line, approximately 40 characters (count all letters, numbers, punctuation and blank spaces). Photos are $40 per column inch per month. REGION/CHAPTER PROJECTS No cost for up to three ads per year, space permitting, for projects approved by the CLC board of directors.

5 p.m. Eastern time the third day of the preceding month of publication. November and December is a combined issue; therefore, there is no deadline on Nov. 3.



This is the preferred method. Please email your ad copy and attach high-resolution photo(s) desired. Send any applicable payment via regular mail. All checks are to be made out to CLC, Inc.

Please fax your typed copy, attention Dave Leash, to (720) 368-5058.

Dave Leash
The self-starter 
58757 Van Dyke Ave. Unit 131 
Washington, MI 48094-9407 

If you do not have email, please send typed ad copy and photos to the above address. Submit ad in upper and lowercase letters—please do not use all uppercase characters. Be sure to include your contact information and CLC membership number. Payment(s) must be received by the deadline.

Make check or money order out to CLC, Inc. We accept credit cards.

No submissions will be taken over the phone. All ads and changes must be typed and submitted in one of the above three ways.

The CLC does not assume liability, either implied or expressed, as to the accuracy of any ad. All representations in an advertisement are solely the responsibility of the advertiser, and the CLC does not verify or confirm any of the information provided. No inference should be made that products or services advertised have the approval of the CLC. Misrepresentation may lead to cancellation of advertising/membership privileges. Submit impropriety allegations in writing to the CLC Office.

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