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CLC National Club Awards

The Cadillac & LaSalle Club has a number of special awards it can present to Club members for furthering the goals of the Club, meritorious service, outstanding literary contributions, etc. The nominations for these awards come directly from the membership and regions. Know a member or a group of members who have done something deserving special consideration? Consider nominating them for one of the various Club awards! Not sure how to do this? It's really very easy! Each of the awards and a brief description are listed below. After the description is the name, address, and if applicable, the email address of the person responsible for receiving the nominations.

Award Application and Nomination Forms:

The Henry M. Leland Award

The Henry M. Leland Award is the Cadillac & LaSalle Club's most prestigious award presented to an individual club member. The first seven awards, given by Cadillac Motor Car Company and no longer available, consisted of an eighty piece gold-plated pewter replica of a 1908 Cadillac. Commencing in 2002, the award, designed by CLC member Rich Esposito, consists of a cup reminiscent of the Dewar Trophy won by Cadillac for interchangeability of parts and a casting in relief of the 1908 model on a wood base. The award represents the sterling qualities of Henry M. Leland, Cadillac's founder and first General Manager, and his quest for "setting the standard". The Leland Award is presented to an outstanding Cadillac & LaSalle Club member who has performed acts of great merit. Nominees must have been involved in the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the Cadillac and LaSalle marques and performed outstanding service in furthering the aims of the Club. Past presidents are not eligible. Regions and individual Club members are encouraged to submit nominees for this award. Nominations will be carefully reviewed by a committee of CLC past presidents who present their unanimous choice to the CLC Board for final approval. Nominations for this award should be sent to Barry Wheeler.

Past Recipients

1990 Norman Jones Tulsa, OK
1991 Hollis Weihe Bakersfield, CA
1992 Ken Moss Sydney, NSW, Australia
1995 Richard & Bea Snyder San Diego, CA
1996 Dave Holls Bloomfield Hills, MI
1999 Yann Saunders Chapin, SC
2000 Joe Gildea Dorcester, MA
2002 Matt Larson Detroit, MI
2003 Fredus N. Peters Ft. Wayne, IN
2004 Ted & Jo Raines Rescue, CA
2005 Richard Esposito Johnston, RI
2006 Terry Wenger St. Louis, MO
2007 Roy A. Schneider Arcadia, CA
2008 Steven Sisson Ashburn, VA
2011 Tom Young Paso Robles, CA
2014 C Douglas Houston Jr. Ortonville, MI
2015 William C. "Bill" Anderson Gambrills, MD
2017 Vince Taliano North Potomac, MD
2019 Paul Ayres Farmington Hills, MI

The Ken Moss Lifetime Achievement Award

The Ken Moss Lifetime Achievement Award, formerly the Lifetime Achievement Award, was renamed in January of 1998 to honor Ken Moss. From Sydney, New South Wales, Ken was known worldwide as theMr. Cadillac of Australia. Recognizing Ken's tremendous impact on the hobby, he was presented the coveted Henry M. Leland Award in 1992. Ken died on December 16, 1997 after a gallant fight to survive cancer. The Lifetime Achievement Award was created in 1996 to honor any member of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, who, over the passage of time, has served the club tirelessly and unselfishly. The criteria for the award remain unchanged. The honored member must have been involved in a variety of large-scale projects, served steadily in smaller ones or in any combination of both. Such on-going and dependable service greatly benefits the Cadillac & LaSalle Club and all its member and in many cases enhances the reputation of the CLC among other automobile clubs. This coveted award is presented as a token of the Club's great appreciation and esteem.

Past Recipients

1996 Ansel Sackett Detroit, MI
1996 Carl Steig San Leandro, CA
1996 Norman Uhlir Sedona, AZ
1998 Ron VanGelderen Dalton, GA
2000 Larry Lesiger Haddonfield, NJ
2002 Alan Haas Detroit, MI
2003 Richard Sills Lancaster, PA
2005 Barry Wheeler Flora, IN
2006 Herb Karow Edina, MN
2007 Lee Herbermann Pittsburgh, PA
2008 Bill Edmunds Lenoir, NC
2009 Andrew Zizolfo Middle Island, NY
2010 Toni Rothman Garnet Valley, PA
2012 Paul Ayres Farmington Hills, MI
2014 Jeff Hansen Newark, DE


The  DeCOU  LONG DISTANCE DRIVING AWARD was established in 2010. It was created to encourage members to actually use their cars as they were built to be used, and drive them to Grand National Meets.

The award is named for Donald “Frank” DeCou, who exemplified the spirit of this award. Frank DeCou was a member from Naperville, Illinois, who drove his stock, senior class 1940 LaSalle to every Grand National event from 1997 through 2009. Unfortunately, Mr. DeCou was killed in a car accident shortly after his return home from the 2009 Las Vegas Grand National. 

The award is a backing plate for your CLC grille badge, which you of course already have.

The requirement to receive this award is to have driven your 25 year old or older, Cadillac or LaSalle to at least two Grand Nationals that were 1000 or more miles apart. The first eligible Grand National event was the Kansas City Grand National in 2010, they need not be consecutive. To determine which Grand Nationals were more than 1000 miles apart, please see the chart below. For each subsequent Grand National to which you drive that same car you become eligible to add an additional roman numerical annotation on that award. That is “II” for the second, “III” for the third, and so on.

The Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was established to honor any member of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club who gives freely of his or her time and energy in such a way that the effort has provided results which serve to benefit all members of the CLC. The service could exemplify leadership, organizational skill or personal involvement in a project in the areas of technical service, research, information systems, etc. The award is bestowed as a token of the CLC's appreciation for a job well done and is a more permanent expression of the words, "Thank you and keep up the good work."

Past Recipients

1996 Rich Esposito Johnston, RI
1996 Robert LeCoque Seattle, WA
1998 Fredus N. (Pete) Peters Ft. Wayne, IN
2000 Ron VanGelderen Dalton, GA
2000 Matt Larson Detroit, MI
2001 Walt Brewer Denver, CO
2002 Bud Juneau Brentwood, CA
2005 Paul Ayres Farmington Hills, MI
2006 Jeff Hansen Newark, DE
2007 Vince Taliano North Potomac, MD
2008 Norman Uhlir Sedona, AZ
2009 Don Boshara Titusville, FL
2010 Tim Pawl West Bloomfield, MI
2013 Bill Anderson Gambrills, MD
2014 Jack McClow North Potomac, MD
2014 Larry Lesiger Voorhess, NJ
2015 Glenn Brown Oak Park, Il
2016 Barry Wheeler Flora, IN
2017 Don Hoelscher St. Charles, MO
2018 Dr. G. Lars Kneller LaPorte, IN
2019 Bob Crimmins Manalapan, NJ

The Maurice Hendry Award

The Hendry Award was established by Maurice D. Hendry, author ofCadillac, the Complete Historyas well as numerous other literary contributions to the hobby. Residing in Auckland, New Zealand, Mr. Hendry personifies the literary ability and dedication needed to research, by a long distance, events and history. He then transforms that data into detailed books and articles that provide enjoyable reading and greatly enhances one's knowledge of the marque. Mr. Hendry offers this trophy as an incentive to any CLC member who excels in journalistic contributions in furtherance of the purposes of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club. Criteria for the award include excellence in writing skills, style, originality, content, research, and illustrations.

Past Recipients

1973 Norman & Agnes Uhlir 1996 Richard Sills
1975 David Holls 1998 Michaline & Matt Larson
1977 Bryce Frey 2000 Bob Morrow
1978 Roy Schneider 2001 Yann Saunders
1979 C. D. Houston, Jr. 2002 Glen Zuchniewicz
1980 Tom Cole & Bill Woodman 2003 Robert A. Maidment
1981 Donald Frolich 2004 Angelo D. Van Bogart
1983 Edith Childs 2005 Peter Ratcliff
1984 Terry Wenger 2006 Jack Hoffman
1985 Leonard Piskiewicz 2007 Noeleen Souber
1986 Ron VanGelderen 2008 Christopher W. Cummings
1987 Bud Juneau 2009 Dirk Van Dorst
1988 Carl Steig 2010 Jeffrey D. Shively
1989 Don Carrico 2011 Victor Brincat
1990 Elliott Klein 2012 Jim Schild
1992 Ansel Sackett 2013 Paul Schinnerer
2014 Walter M.P. McCall
2015 Ron Melville
2016 Steve Stewart & Tim Coy
2017 Murray Scott
2018 John Washburn
2019 Richard Lentinello

The Mary Lou Evans Membership Award

The Mary Lou Evans Membership Award was established in 1997 to honor Cadillac & LaSalle Club Membership Secretary Mary Lou Evans. From 1969-1994, Mary Lou served as membership secretary, a period of twenty-five years. Mary Lou met an untimely death on November 24, 1996 when the car in which she was riding was hit head-on. This award is presented at the Grand National to the CLC member who, in the judgment of the Awards Committee, has put forth extraordinary effort to attract new members to the CLC. The new members may be individuals or a group (e.g. an independent Cadillac club becomes a CLC region through a single member's initiative and intervention). The addition of new members to existing rolls greatly enhances the quality of the Club for all members, providing a greater opportunity to share all aspects of the hobby.

Past Recipients

1997 Andy Toton Philadelphia, PA
1998 Jay Ann & Bill Edmunds Lenoir, NC
1999 David Ritchie Phoenix, AZ
2000 Jeff Hansen Newark, DE
2002 Frank Pinola Harrisburg, PA
2004 Vince Taliano North Potomac, MD
2006 Robert Klopfer Riverwoods, IL
2007 Steve Plunkett London, Ontario, Canada
2008 Stephanie McHugh Venetia, PA
2009 Colleen Moak Albany, NY
2012 Doug Bailey Roswell, GA
2017 Mike Cascio Rutherford, NJ
2017 Lois & Rob Harriman Prospect Park, NJ

The Norm Uhlir Regional Activity Award

The Norm Uhlir Regional Activity Award was created in honor of Cadillac & LaSalle Club Past President Norman Uhlir to encourage greater activity by chartered regions of the CLC. It is awarded annually to the region demonstrating outstanding overall activity in the following areas:
  1. special membership services,
  2. regional meets,
  3. membership stability (retain or add members),
  4. quality reports and articles submitted by members of the region toThe Self-Starter,
  5. participation in Grand Nationals,
  6. special activities such as regional club projects, especially if beneficial to all CLC members.
The award is presented at the Grand National the following year.

Past Recipients

1979 Northern California Region Carl Steig, Director
1980 Southern California Region Dan DeJonghe, Director
1981 New England Region Lester Wax, Director
1982 Pacific Northwest Region Robert E. LeCoque, Director
1983 St. Louis Region Marc Ohm, Director
1984 New England Region Bob Wolferseder, Director
1985 Pacific Northwest Region Fred Haas, Director
1986 Valley Forge Region Gary Anderson, Director
1987 San Diego Region Marty Miller, Director
1988 Lake St. Clair Region Alan Haas, Director
1989 Valley Forge Region George Cavanaugh, Director
1990 Grand Canyon Region Bill Carr, Director
1991 Northern California Region Ray Menefee, Director
1992 Valley Forge Region Don Miller, Director
1993 Sonoran Desert Region Dave Dubie, Director
1994 Valley Forge Region Bill Edmunds, Director
1995 Lake St. Clair Region Paul Ayres, Director
1996 Valley Forge Region Jack Hotz, Director
1997 Central Plains Region Joseph Kausse, Director
1998 Valley Forge Region Jack Hotz, Director
1999 Rocky Mountain Region Rod Brewer, Director
2000 Valley Forge Region Toni Rothman, Director
2001 Western Reserve Region Larry Murray, Director
2002 Sonoran Desert Region Dave Dubie, Director
2003 Raritan River Region Bernie Cooney, Director
2004 Potomac Region Vince Taliano, Director
2005 Long Island Metro Region Fred Miceli, Director
2006 North Texas Region Rubye Mae Musser, Director
2007 Rocky Mountain Region John Evans, Director
2008 Potomac Region Vince Taliano, Director
2009 Central Pennsylvania Region Frank Pinola, Director
2010 Raritan River Region Jay Raskin, Director
2011 Peach State Region Stan Tucker, Director
2012 New England Region Chris Milici, Director
2013 Iowa Cross Roads Jim Pittman, Director
2015 Missouri Valley Region Steve Christensen, Director
2016 Peach State Region Doug Bailey, Director
2017 Carolina Region Travis Dowell, Director
2018 New Mexico Region Nick Manole, Director

The International Activity Award


The CLC has members from over 30 foreign countries, and numerous International Affiliates. The International Activity Award recognizes International Affiliate members who have made nota­ble contributions to the international activities of the Club and its International Affiliates.

(Send nominations to Awards Committee Co-Chair Gary Fisher.)

The Award is presented at the Grand National.

Past Recipients

2007 Sigrid Hofmann Gross-Gerau, Germany
2008 Dirk Van Dorst Pouant, France
2009 Peter Griffith Wirral, Merseyside, England
2010 Tage Jingnert Floda, Sweden
2011 Koen Ongkiehong Den Haag, Nederlands
2012 Roger Zimmermann Studen, Switzerland
2013 Ron Melville Tauranga, New Zealand
2014 Peter Ratcliff Parkdale, Victoria, Australia
2015 Arion Scheifele Waldenburg, Switzerland
2016 Pierra Gravel Richelieu, France
2017 Terry & Robyn Griffin Queensland, Australia
2018 Ross Morgan Perth, Australia
2019 Anders S. Wald Sweden
2019 John Foust USA

The Self-Starter Author of the Year Award

This award has been created to recognize outstanding contributors to the CLC publication, The Self-Starter, during a particular year. The Editor of The Self-Starter will propose nominations subject to confirmation by the Awards Committee. The award will be presented at the Grand National. The V-16 Award goes to individuals who practice a high degree of research skills in writing an original, lengthy, and well- documented/researched piece of work that exemplifies the finestefforts in Cadillac/LaSalle scholarship. The piece may shed light on some neglected or hitherto, little known area or aspect of knowledge relating to Cadillac. The V-12 Award will go to individuals who have met high standards, yet less rigorous than those undertaking scholarly research. The articles might be described as focusing on the "fun" aspect of the hobby---easy restorations of newer cars, trips in which the writers drive their cars substantial distances, and the chronicling of regional events that focus on the cars (and hopefully bring in new members).

Past Recipients

2002 Mike Josephic Wexford, PA
2002 Charles Barnette Texarkana, AR
2003 Norman Uhlir Sedona, AZ
2005 Richard Stanley Los Angeles, CA
2005 Howland Blackiston Weston, CT
2006 Gregory Landrey Winterthur, DE
2007 David Temple Longview, TX
2007 Terrence E. Wenger Saint Louis, MO
2008 Michael Brittan Cherry Hills Village, CO
2009 Tom Hall Long Beach, CA
2010 Jay Friedman Decatur, GA
2011 Robert A.M. Maidment Haverhill, Suffolk, UK
2012 V-16 Angelo Van Bogart Waupaca, WI
2012 V-12 Bob Crimmins Manalapan, NJ
2013 V-16 Christopher Cummings Manassas, VA
2013 V-12 Ben Barrett Naches, WA
2014 V-16 Barry Wheeler Flora, IN
2014 V-12 Tony Albarella Woodbridge, NJ
2015 V-16 Yann Saunders Columbia, SC
2015 V-12 Andy Zizolfo Middle Island, NY
2016 V-16 David Rubin Carmel, NY
2016 V-12 Dr. Joe O'Connell Westport, CT
2017 V-16 Joe Scott Houston, TX
2017 V-12 John Houlsby Delray Beach, FL
2018 V-16 Frank C. Butler Chattanooga, TN
2018 V-12 Peter Ratcliff Parkdale, Australia
2019 V-16 Ron Zahn Eugene, OR
2019 V-12 Jason Edge Garner, NC

The Cadillac Herald Award

This award is available for presentation to an individual or organization that has promoted or generated conspicuous recognition for the Cadillac marque or important activities of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club. The award consists of a replica Cadillac Herald radiator ornament on a marble base representing the announcement of "Good News" to the world. Presented by the CLC president or his Designate with the approval of the Awards Committee. Primarily intended as an expression of appreciation to those who perform outside the usual club activity. Time and place of the presentation to be determined by the recipient's acceptance availability.

Past Recipients

2002 Robert Lutz Vice-Chairman General Motors Corporation
2003 Greg Wallace Curator The Cadillac Historical Collection
2005 Jay Ann Edmunds Membership Secretary Cadillac & LaSalle Club
2006 James Taylor General Manager Cadillac Motor Division
2007 Gary Cowger President General Motors Corporation
2008 G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. Chairman and CEO General Motors Corporation
2009 H. Daniel Jobe Proprietor Capitol Cadillac, Greenbelt, MD

The LaSalle Discovery Award

This award is available for presentation to an individual or organization that has promoted or generated conspicuous recognition for the LaSalle automobile and the preservation of its legacy by the Cadillac & LaSalle Club. The award consists of a replica Cadillac Herald radiator ornament on a black marble base representing the announcement of the delivery of the marque and its noble heritage. Presented by the CLC president or his designate with the approval of the Awards Committee. Primarily intended as an expression of appreciation to those who perform outside the usual club activity. Time and place of the presentation to be determined by the recipient's acceptance availability.

Past Recipients

2005 Toni Rothman Boothwyn, PA
2006 Jack Hotz Haddonfield, NJ
2006 Aaron "Bud" Coleman Malvern, PA
2008 Vince Taliano North Potomac, MD
2009 Bruce Berghoff Arcadia, MI
2012 Ron Van Geldern Dalton, GA
2012 Matt Larson Detroit, MI
2013 Joseph Bortz Highland Park, IL
2019 John Bertolone Sterling Heights, MI

The Newsletter Excellence Award

The Newsletter Excellence Award is presented each year to recognize the outstanding effort of the regional newsletter editors. The award is presented at the Awards Banquet of the Grand National. Newsletters are reviewed and evaluated on many factors: content, originality, style, interest, humor, timeliness, format, illustrations, membership participation, and general improvement. A regional newsletter editor often has the most time consuming job among the officers. Creativity and self-discipline are prerequisites for the position. A timely and informative newsletter is a major link in the success of a region. As isThe Self-Starterto the national club, so is the local newsletter to the region. The newsletter fosters information flow, open communication and last, but not least, participation and camaraderie among members. The award is presented at the Grand National for excellence during the previous calendar year. All newsletters should be sent to Jeffrey Shively and Greg Powers the Chair/Co-Chair for this awards subcommittee. As always, you should continue to send a copy of your newsletter to your Regional Vice President.  In addition, you should send a copy of your newsletter to Old Cars Weekly for consideration of their Golden Quill Award. Copies of your newsletters are also appreciated by our CLC President as well as Tim Coy and Jeff Shively of The Self-Starter staff. Past Recipients (for previous calendar year)

Past Recipients

1997 Tim Coy Editor, Rocky Mountain Region
1998 Steve Stewart Editor, Gulf Coast Region
1999 Richard Perry Editor, Sonoran Desert Region
2000 John Bauer Editor, Western Michigan Region
2001 David Rothman Editor, Valley Forge Region
2002 Elisabeth Boggs Editor, Peach State Region
2003 Carole Galli Editor, Michigan Lake St. Clair Region
2004 Richard Moeschter Editor, NorthStar Region
2005 Vince Taliano Editor, Potomac Region
2006 W. Brian Fogarty Editor, Gulf Coast Region
2007 Nancy Hotz Editor, LaSalle Appreciation Society (Chapter)
2008 Gerry Terranova Editor, North Texas Region
2009 Charles Thompson Editor, Northern California Region
2010 John Barry Editor, Valley Forge Region
2011 Chris Milici Editor, New England Region
2012 Dave Leger Editor, Rocky Mountain Region
2013 Kevin Luedtke Editor, Motor City Region
2014 Eldon Smith Editor, Northwest Ohio Region
2015 Jason Edge Editor, 1963/64 Chapter
2016 Vince Taliano Editor, Potomac Region
2017 Ray Koziol Editor, Raritan River Region
2018 Jeff Shively Editor, Indiana Region
2019 Tony Albarella Editor, North Jersey Region

The International Newsletter Excellence Award

The CLC International Newsletter Excellence Award is presented each year to recognize the outstanding work of the newsletter editors in the CLC International Affiliates (including Australian Regions within CLC Australia). The award will be presented annually at either the Grand European or the Australian National (each held every other year); or at the New Zealand Annual Meeting, with the exception of a winner from a Canadian affiliate where the award is presented at the CLC Grand National in the United States. It is presented for excellence during the previous calendar year. An international team consisting of members from Europe, Australia and the CLC VP of International Affiliates evaluates the newsletters. Evaluation criteria includes: effective communication, content, originality, creativity, style/format/design, interest, humor, timeliness, distribution, illustrations/pictures, member participation, promotes the CLC logo, and general improvement over time. Canadian, Australian & New Zealand Affiliates send to both: Ron Zahn - CLC VP International Affiliates PO BOX 5421, Eugene OR 97405 and Paul Dixon - President Victoria Region, CLC Australia 48 Fonteyn Drive, Wantirna South, Melbourne VIC 3152 Australia Nordic Affiliates of Europe including Sweden, Norway (2), Finland, Iceland & Denmark send to: Anders S Wald Hemmesdynge Byavag 85-31 Prastgarden 23199  Klagstorp Skane Sweden All Other European Affiliates send to: Dirk Van Dorst - Director of European Affiliates LD LaMaison Seche, 86200 Pouant, France

Past Recipients

2015 Koen Ongkiehong Cadillac Club Nederland
2016 Ron Melville Cadillac & Lasalle Club of New Zealand
2017 Terry & Robyn Griffin, Editor (LaCad) Cadillac-LaSalle Club of Australia
2018 Dr. Kurt Schellenberg, Editor Cadillac Club of Switzerland
2019 CJyrki J. Hytti, Editor Cadillac Club of Finland

The Website Excellence Award

The Website Excellence Award is presented each year to recognize the outstanding efforts of a Regional or Chapter Webmaster. In view of the rapid migration toward the use of electronic media, many regions and chapters have set up web pages and message boards. As more of our members use the Internet as a communication and information tool, these Website's have grown in popularity. Inspired by the CLC Website, many regions and chapters have expanded their local Website's to include photos, stories, regional and chapter activities, and links to other areas of automotive interest. The Webmaster's job has become one of creativity, skill, imagination, and self-discipline. It is a vital and powerful link, not only to members of the CLC, but also to anyone surfing the web in search of automotive information. Websites also act as powerful and indispensible servants in the attraction of new members, not only to our club, but also to the automotive hobby in general. The award is presented at the Grand National for excellence during the previous calendar year. Past Recipients of the Website Excellence Award (for previous calendar year)

Website Score Card - 2018

Past Recipients

2003 Pat Caruso Webmaster, Raritan River Region
2004 Robert Witham Webmaster, Pacific Northwest Region
2006 Pat Caruso Webmaster, Raritan River Region
2007 Louis Commisso Webmaster, Long Island Metro Region
2008 Gary Friedman Webmaster, Southern California Region
2009 Jim Snell Webmaster, Indiana Region
2010 Todd Claver Webmaster, Carolina Region
2011 Jack Wojnowski Webmaster, Mount Hood Region
2012 Vince Taliano Webmaster, Potomac Region
2013 Jason Edge Webmaster, 1963/1964 Cadillac Chapter
2014 John Henry Webmaster, Rocky Mountain Region
2015 Jeff Hansen Webmaster, Valley Forge Region
2016 Art Midgette Webmaster, Hampton Roads Region
2017 Margaret Rawson Webmaster, Las Vegas Region
2018 Sandy Barth Webmaster, Peach State Region
2019 Tom Keegan Webmaster, Missouri Valley Region

Website Awards of Merit 2019

63/64 Cadillacs Chapter
Badger Region
Carolina Region
Central Plains Region
Florida Suncoast Region
Hampton Roads Region
Indiana Region
Las Vegas Region
Missouri Valley Region
NY-CT Two Rivers Region
North California Region
Peach State Region
Potomac Region
Raritan River Region
Rocky Mountain Region
St. Louis Region
San Diego Region
Sonoran Desert Region
Southern California Region
Valley Forge Region

The Cadillac Styling and Design Award

This award is presented to a living individual or group of individuals who have significantly influenced Cadillac design, styling, beauty, elegance and/or trends in historic proportions. This award is not an annual award and is only presented when a recipient can be recognized for well-known accomplishments. CLC membership is not part of the criteria to present this award. Recommendations to the award can originate with the committee chair, the CLC board of directors or CLC officers. The award is the Cadillac Goddess ornament in a base reflected in an ornamental plate surrounded by gold leaf wreath. Time and place of the presentation to be determined by the recipient's acceptance availability.

Past Recipients

2006 Charles "Chuck" Jordan Los Angeles, CA
2018 Wayne Kady Royal Oak, MI

The Cadillac Service Award

We have had a Distinguished Service Award for some time that recognizes members who have served the Club at the National level in several different capacities over the many years. We have discoverd that we also have members serving the Club at the National level in significant, but more focused areas, for long, but possibly short durations. For these situations, we have developed a Cadillac Service Award to address these circumstances.

Past Recipients

2015 Allene Zizolfo Long Island Metro Region
2015 Alan Clark Southern California Region
2017 Lauren Schweitzer Badger Region/Las Vegas Region
2017 Rob Robison Valley Forge Region

The Ansel Sackett Award

The Ansel Sackett 1941 Cadillac Excellence Award was created in 1991, the 50th anniversary year of the 1941 Cadillac, by the late Ansel Sackett. Ansel began his career at Cadillac in 1941, the year considered as one of the most significant in Cadillac's history. There are more 1941 Cadillacs in the Club than any other model year. One of three founding members of the Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Ansel was an active board member from 1958–1998, past National treasurer from 1958–1990 and managing editor of The Self-Starter from 1986–1995. Ansel owned a 1941 6019S Sedan. He died on April 7, 1998, of heart failure. (See The Self-Starter, June 1998, page 6, for a memorial tribute.) The original perpetual trophy was a detailed precision model of the original Cadillac one-cylinder engine. The trophy now resides in the CLC Museum & Research Center. A personalized plaque is also presented to each year's winner. The current award is a large shield-shaped plaque that remains with the winner. The award is presented to a 1941 Cadillac with primary consideration given to authenticity and originality. Preference shall be given to a car that has not previously received this award. The recipient is selected by the National chief judge and/or designee(s).

Past Recipients

1991-- 1941 6019S Four Door Sedan Leo Wirthman Gahanna, OH
1992-- 1941 6109 Touring Sedan Roy Harper Escondido, CA
1993-- 1941 6229 Convertible Sedan Charlie Babcock Indianapolis, IN
1994-- 1941 6019S Four Door Sedan Phil Grisham Mercer Island, WA
1995-- 1941 6267D Convertible Coupe J. Ivan Cuthill Thornhill, ON
1996-- 1941 6019S Four Door Sedan Don Braden Denver, CO
1997-- 1941 6019S Four Door Sedan Ron & Diane Ranallo New Brighton, MN
1998-- 1941 6127D Coupe David Halsey Castile, NY
1999-- 1941 6319 Sedan Bob Briggs Fairfield, CA
2000-- 1941 6127D Coupe David Halsey Castile, NY
2001-- 1941 6219D Four Door Sedan Terry Johnson Englewood, CO
2002-- 1941 6127 Coupe Tom Dudley Howell, MI
2004-- 1941 6019S Four Door Sedan Jim Pirkle Washington, IN
2005-- 1941 6319D Sedan Ed Goehring Lake Wales, FL
2006-- 1941 6229D Convertible Sedan Carl Zeiger Rancho Santa Fe, CA
2007-- 1941 6319D Sedan Ed Goehring Acworth, GA
2008-- 1941 6229D Convertible Sedan Dr. Joseph Poole Fredericktown, OH
2009-- 1941 6267D Convertible Coupe Gary Johnson Bellevue, WA
2010-- 1941 6267D Convertible Coupe Gerald Karasinski Redford, MI
2011-- 1941 Four-Door Convertible Dr. Joseph Poole Fredericktown, OH
2012-- 1941 Fleetwood 60 Special J.C. O'Steen Tallahassee,FL
2013-- 1941 6109 Four-Door Sedan Marty Watkins Langhorne, PA
2014-- 1941 6267D Convertible Coupe Jeannine Smoth Park City, UT
2015-- 1941 7533 Imperial Sedan Duane Warren Maple Grove,MN
2016-- 1941 6019S Fleetwood Four-Door Sedan Brett E. Baird Riverton, UT
2017-- 1941 6019S Sedan Jeff Hansen Newark, DE
2018-- 1941 6019S Sedan Paul & Janice Phillips Marietta, GA
2019-- 1941 6719 Kevin Parkinson Swartz Creek, MI
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